About Us

The Knoxville Swing Dance Association is a non-profit organization that strives to bring vintage jazz dances to Knoxville. It organizes a weekly dance that teaches Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa, Solo Jazz, and other types of swing dancing, plans events and workshops to expose the community to regional swing dancers and vintage jazz bands, and helps promote local events featuring vintage jazz music.

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If you have any questions, email info@swingknoxville.org, or call 865-224-6830.  You may also wish to contact our community safety committee with any questions, concerns, or comments about our community.


Executive Officers

President:  Scott Angelius

Vice President:  Rebecca Combs

Secretary:  AlilceannTalley

Banker: Carl Britt

At Large:  Rose Spurrier


Board Members

Chairman: Marc Harik   Secretary:  Carl Britt

Voting Members:  Carl Britt, Rebecca Combs, Kristin Eckhout, Kevin Maddocks, Chris Perfetti, Aliceann Talley, Kemper Talley



Treasurer:  Keith Moore

DJ Coordinator:  Jeremy Brantley

Teaching Coordinator:  Aliceann Talley

Staff Trainer:  Rebecca Combs

Staff Coordinator:  Roman Sherrod

Head Dance Manager:  Scott Angelius

Equipment Manager:  Kevin Maddocks

Marketing Coordinator:  Chris Perfetti

Community Safety Committee Secretary:  Aliceann Talley

Vision Director:  Kristin Eckhout

Webmaster:  Aliceann Talley

Social Coordinator:  vacant



Follows:  Aliceann, Amy, Rebecca, Rose, Roman

Leads:  Carl, Geoffrey, Jeremy, Kemper, Roman, Scott, Thomas



Aliceann, Amy, Bill, D, Geoffrey, Jeremy, Keith, Kemper