• November 2015

    November Progressive Series:  Balboa  Taught by Kemper & Aliceann
    1506473_10205430154096015_3741222462251428229_nThis month we’re bringing you the swing dance from Southern California in the 1930’s and 40’s.  While Lindy Hop evolved with in the spacious Savoy Ballroom in Harlem, Balboa originated on crowded dance floors where leaving close position with your partner wasn’t allowed.  The first week will cover this closed position Balboa, or pure-Bal, and focus on keeping close connection with your partner while incorporating interesting and clear rhythms and direction changes.  In weeks 2 and 3, we’ll open up into Bal-Swing and explore more open movements, turns, and rotational momentum.
    There are no prerequisites for this series, but having some familiarity with any type of swing dance and a willingness to connect closely with your partner will be helpful.  Students wanting to join the series after the first class will need instructor permission.

    November Drop in & DJ Schedule:

    • 11/4 – Music by Irena & Nick
      7:00 – 7:30 pm Intermediate Drop In – Lindy Hop w/ Mark & Ava
      7:30 – 8:15 pm  Beginner Drop In – 8 Count Lindy w/ Mark & Kamaryn
    • 11/11 – Music by Jacob & Keith
      7:00 – 7:30 pm Intermediate Drop In – Charleston w/ Geoffrey & Rose
      7:30 – 8:15 pm  Beginner Drop In – 6 Count Lindy w/ Geoffrey & Rose
    • 11/18 – Music by Keith & Irena
      7:00 – 7:30 pm Intermediate Drop In – Teacher’s Choice w/ Geoffrey & Jenna
      7:30 – 8:15 pm  Beginner Drop In – 8 Count Lindy w/ Geoffrey & Jenna
    • 10/25 – NO DANCE – Happy Thanksgiving!

    November Social Event: Nov 14 @ 7:30.  6702 Ridgeview Road Knoxville, TN 37918

    Do to the UT football schedule, there will not be an official monthly dance event, but there will be a group social event on Nov 14th.  Instead, join us for a night of Bonfires, S’mores and Scary Stories at Thomas’ house.  Comment on the event page if you plan on bringing s’mores or hot dogs (or anything else) to share!  Bring a blanket or a chair and come spend a fun fall night with us!
    There is limited parking, so please try to carpool to this event.

    Local Swing Music:

    Regional Events:

    • Nevermore Jazz Ball  Nov 6 – 8  St Louis, MO
      Mark your calendar and don’t miss out –we’re bringing you MORE music, dancing, jazz crawlin’ and good times in the best little big river city.  Instructors:  Sylvia Sykes & Nick Williams, Mia Halloran & Andy Reid, Jenny Shirar & John Bedrosian, Michael Faltesek
    • ChattaAtlNashKnoxCookAHuntIngham  Nov 7  Chattanooga, TN
      Regional dance/meetup with band made up of both Huntsville and Knoxville musicians playing tunes from the early 20’s to late 40’s.
    • Holy City Blues Exchange (Blues)  Nov 13 – 15  Charleston, SC
      Aw snap, the Blues is back! Join us as we celebrate the joy of Blues. We are happy to bring together musicians, dancers, and friends from across the Southeast to commence a weekend of hot, fierce, soul shakin’ music! Come on down, and join the party y’all!
    • Music City Shuffle (balboa)  Nov 20 – 22  Nashville, TN
      National Balboa event in the heart of the Southeast, back for it’s second year!  Instructors:  Bobby White & Shani B, David Rehm, Kate Hedin, Jeremy Otth, Laura Keat, Jon Tigert, Jenna Applegarth, Mickey Fortanasce, Kelly Arsenault, Nick Williams, Sylvia Sykes
    • Pittstop Lindy Hop  Nov 20 – 22  Pittsburgh, PA
      This year’s music lineup will include 
      Gordon WebsterThe Boilermaker Jazz Band, the Rick Matt Project, and Miss Freddye‘s Blues Band. We’re bringing together the bandleaders to form the PittStop All-Star band Sunday afternoon!
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  • October 2015

    October Progressive Series:  Gimme Some Sugar  Taught by Kemper & Kamaryn
    sugarpushesSugar, sugar, sugar!  Get ready to focus on sugar pushes all month long.  This is a fun, iconic move in Lindy Hop that can be adapted into countless other moves, giving you a ton a moves to pull out on the dance floor.  It also incorporates a wide variety skills for partnering, connection and movement that are useful in all areas of your dancing.  So don’t miss this special series!
    Prerequisites:  You must feel comfortable swing dancing and taking group classes.  There are no specific moves you need to be familiar with.
    Due to he progressive nature of this class, students will not be allowed to join the series after the 2nd week.
    Meets every Wednesday 7:00 – 8:15 pm downstairs at the Laurel.  Keep up to date with the Facebook Event.

    Drop in and DJ schedule:

    • Oct 7 – Music by Nick & D
      7:00 – 7:30 pm Intermediate Drop In – Lindy Hop w/ Keith & Aliceann
      7:30 – 8:15 pm  Beginner Drop In – 8 Count Lindy w/ Keith & Aliceann
    • Oct 14 – Music by Jacob & Keith
      7:00 – 7:30 pm  Intermediate Drop In – Lindy Hop w/ Nick & Aliceann
      7:30 – 8:15 pm  Beginner Drop In – 6 Count Lindy w/ Nick & Aliceann
    • Oct 21 – Music by Bill & Nick
      7:00 – 7:30 pm  Intermediate Drop In – Charleston w/ Keith & Aliceann
      7:30 – 8:15 pm  Beginner Drop In – 6 Count Lindy w/ Keith & Aliceann
    • Annual Halloween Dance & Costume Contest
      Oct 28 – Music by Aliceann & Jeremy
      7:00 – 7:30 pm  Intermediate Drop In – Teacher’s Choice w/ Nick & Irena
      7:30 – 8:15 pm  Beginner Drop In – 8 Count Lindy w/ Nick & Irena

    October Monthly Dance:  Hot Jazz Masquerade Ball ft Moonshine Rhythm Club

    The Knoxville Swing Dance Association presents the Moonshine Rhythm Club from Nashville, TN as part of it’s monthly dance series. The Moonshine Rhythm Club is a gypsy jazz/American swing band based in Music City, Nashville, TN and will be swinging it for us all night!

    Celebrate Halloween with us a week early at our Masquerade Ball at the Flynn Dance Center, 828 Tulip Ave
       5:30 – 7:15 pm  Intermediate Workshop with Jeremy & Aliceann
    — 7:15 – 8:00 pm  Beginner Drop In Lesson (free with admission)

       8:00 – 11:00 pm  Live music with the Moonshine Rhythm Club

    Workshop:  Cool moves you should know with Aliceann and Jeremy.  Come learn all the awesome and important swing moves that are missing from your repertoire!
    Presale:  Workshop – $8 ($6 cardholders).  At the door:  Workshop – $10 ($8 cardholders)

    Online payment option available here, or you can purchase a ticket at any KSDA dance.
    Pre-sale!:  General Admission – $10, KSDA Cardholder – $8
    At the door:  General Admission – $15, KSDA Cardholder – $12


    Other dance opportunities in Knoxville this month:

    • Wed 10/21 11 am – 2:30 pm InVolvement Fair @ Pedestrian Walkway on UT Campus
    • Fri 10/23  6 – 8:30 pm,  Alive After Five presents John Nemeth (blues) @ Knoxville Museum of Art
    • Fri 10/23  10 pm – 1 am,  Devan Jones & The Uptown Stomp @ Jig & Reel (21+)
    • Sun, 10/25  6 pm – Park Ridge Neighborhood Tour of Homes 1940’s Swing Dance.  $1 or free with tour of homes @ Park Place Condominiums Gymnasium
    • Tues, 10/27 10 pm – 9th Street Stompers (Chattanooga) @ Barley’s

    Regional Events:

    • Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown  Oct 2 – 4.   New Orleans, LA
      Live music at every day, night, and after party. Dance contests with the best Lindy Hoppers from across the globe.  Swing dance classes for all levels:  Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa, St Louis Shag, Collegiate Shag, Solo Jazz, Solo Blues, Tap, and more.
    • Rocktober  Oct 9 – 11.  Columbus, OH
      The original North American intensive Lindy hop workshop experience. Featuring Jo Hoffberg & Kevin St. Laurent!  Your weekend pass includes intimate workshops with hand-picked instructors, outstanding live music from Robert Bell & the Hot Swing Combo
    • Southbound Shutdown  Oct 9-11.  Nashville, TN
      It’s time to wrap up Southbound with a bang!  Join us in Nashville for an awesome weekend of blues this October. Our good friend, Velody will be back in town teaching 4 classes with Kenneth Shipp
    • Jammin’ On The James  Oct 16 – 20.  Richmond, VA
      As regular as the leaves falling from trees during October, Jammin’ on the James returns for its 2015 edition.  A little Lindy Hop and probably a little Balboa as well!  Instructors:  Peter Strom & Naomi Uyama, Jeremy Otth & Laura Keat
    • Atlanta Varsity Showdown (AVS)  Oct 31 – Nov 2, 14.  Atlanta, GA
      Get ready to get schooled because AVS is back!  We are bringing you teachers from around the country, a wide variety of classes, live music to keep you dancing, and plenty of competitions to make it a real showdown.  Instructors:  Michael & Jaya Gamble, Dan Repsch & Jenny Snowden, Michael Brafford & Dee Daniels Locke
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  • September 2015

    Knoxville Lindy Exchange 15


    This month the event is our annual dance exchange!  Dancers from all over the southeast, midwest, and beyond will be traveling to Knoxville, TN to dance with YOU!  This is a great opportunity to dance with some of the best dancers to some of the best music in the country and make a bunch of new friends, all without leaving home!  Check out all the info over on the event page and website.  Passes available for pre-purchase (at a discount) for the entire event, or at the door for individual dances.


    September Progressive Lesson:  Amazing Lindy Hop from the Ground Up Taught by Nick & Irena

    539436_10101052203687265_1882800343_nWith the Knoxville Lindy Exchange coming up at the end of this month, of course we wanted to take the chance and get into all of the things we love about this dance, and share them with you!
    This progressive series is for all levels of Lindy hop lovers! We’ll start with the very basics to give you our perspective on how we approach the dance from the ground up, and then use those basics to talk about all of our favorite things we can do with that foundation.
    So you should join this group, where we’ll post updates and video recaps and answer questions, and be ready to celebrate your new found Lindy hop skills at KLX!

    Drop in and DJ schedule:

    • Sept 2 – Special Fall Kick Off Dance – Music by & Jeremy AT THE EMPORIUM
    • Sept 9 – Music by Jeremy & Aliceann
      7:00 – 7:30 pm  Intermediate Drop In – Lindy Hop w/ Kemper & Kamaryn
      7:30 – 8:15 pm  Beginner Drop In – 8 Count Lindy w/ Kemper & Kamaryn
    • Sept 16 – Music by Aliceann & Kemper
      7:00 – 7:30 pm  Intermediate Drop In – Charleston w/ Mark & Kamaryn
      7:30 – 8:15 pm  Beginner Drop In – 6 Count Lindy w/ Mark  & Kamaryn
    • Sept 23 – Music by Keith & D
      7:00 – 7:30 pm  Intermediate Lesson – w/ Jeremy & Ava
      7:30 – 8:15 pm  Beginner Drop In – 6 Count Lindy w/ Jeremy & Ava
    • Sept 30 – Music by Bill & Aliceann
      7:00 – 7:30 pm  Intermediate Lesson – w/ Jacob & Jenna
      7:30 – 8:15 pm  Beginner Drop In – 6 Count Lindy w/ Jacob & Jenna

    Fall Kick Off Dance at Special Location

    We’re excited to announce that this upcoming Wednesday, September 2nd, we will be having a special dance at the Emporium Center on Gay Street (100 S Gay Street, Knoxville, TN 37902)!
    Please note these important schedule changes:
    There will be no progressive or intermediate lessons this week.  Instead, we will be offering our beginner class from 7:00 to 7:45 with open dance starting at 8:00 and ending at 10:00 sharp.  Pricing will remain the same as usual ($2 for regular, $1 for KSDA benefit cardholders).
    We’re excited to dance at the Emporium, but don’t forget… we’ll be back at the Laurel (and on our regular schedule, including a killer Intro to Lindy Hop Progressive series) starting September 9th! 

    Other dance opportunities in Knoxville this month:

    • Fri, 9/4 10 pm – Devan Jones & The Uptown Stomp @ Jig & Reel
    • Sat 9/5 10 pm – Old City Buskers @ Barley’s Maryville
    • Sun 9/20 2 pm – Beginner Swing Class w/ K-Town Swing, 4 pm – Beginner/Intermediate Swing Class w/ K-Town Swing

    Regional Events:

    • Swing In Sept 4 – 6.  Indianapolis, IN
      Instructors:  Remy Kouakou Kouame & Moe Sakan, Pontus Spelmans & Lena Magnusson, Ryan Calloway & Ann Mony, Chris Schoenfelder & Emily Schuhmann
    • Music City Shake (Solo) Sept 11 – 13.  Nashville, TN
      The premier Solo Jazz, Blues, and Charleston event in the Southeast!  Featuring an incredible line up of teachers, musicians and staff, along with three tracks of classes to take, and specialized contests, this guarantees to a be a weekend you don’t want to miss.  Instructors:  Nathan Bugh, Ramona Staffeld, Jon Tigert
    • Lindy Hop on the Plains Sept 18 – 20.  Auburn, AL
      Instructors:  Jon Tigert & Jenna Applegarth, Tim Korkuc & Jessica Southwell
    • Knoxville Lindy Exchange (KLX)  Sept 25 – 27.  Knoxville, TN
      Dance weekend here in your home city with multiple dances a day over the weekend to live bands with visitors from all over the southeast and midwest coming to dance with us!  A special big band is being formed solely for our event.
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  • August 2015

    Progressive Lesson:  Follow Focus Taught by Irena, Kelly, Aliceann & Kamaryn
    2015-05-02 22.53.07Hey friends! We are dedicating August to all of our lovely follows, and celebrating them with follow specific classes all month! We’ve got some really fun and fundamental stuff to go over and I’m sure all follows who attend these classes will reap the rewards of their hard work!
    Check out our event for updates.
    Prerequisites:  As long as you’ve done at least two of the beginner lessons before, we want you in these classes!


    Drop in and DJ schedule:

    • Aug 5 – Music by Kemper & Aliceann
      7:00 – 7:30 pm  Intermediate Drop In – Lindy Hop w/ Jacob & Jenna
      7:30 – 8:15 pm  Beginner Drop In – 8 Count Lindy w/ Jacob & Jenna
    • Aug 12 – Music by Jacob & Aliceann
      7:00 – 7:30 pm  Intermediate Drop In – Lindy Hop w/ Mark & Ava
      7:30 – 8:15 pm  Beginner Drop In – 8 Count Lindy w/ Jeremy & Ava
    • Aug 19 – Music by Kemper & Nick
      7:00 – 7:30 pm  Intermediate Drop In – Charleston w/ Mark & Ava
      7:30 – 8:15 pm  Beginner Drop In – 6 Count Lindy w/ Jacob & Jenna
    • Aug 26 – Music by Irena & Jeremy
      7:00 – 7:30 pm  Intermediate Lesson – w/ Kemper & Rachel
      7:30 – 8:15 pm  Beginner Drop In – 6 Count Lindy w/ Kemper & Rachel

    August 21, 7-10 pm  VOLink Student Engagement Fair – Come to the pedestrian walkway on UT campus to dance, hand out flyers, and help promote the KSDA!

    August 24, 7 pm Teachers Meeting. Talk to Kamaryn Wilson if you’re interested in learning more.

    August 25, 7:15 pm  Board Meeting at the Talley’s house to discuss business of the KSDA.  Talk to an executive committee or board member for more information.

    Monthly Dance – August 8th

    • Workshop with international instructors Nick Williams and Jenna Applegarth
      5 – 7 pm intermediate Lindy Hop workshop
      Flynn Square Dance Center – Upstairs
      Register now to save money on both the workshop and dance!
    • 1920’s Great Gatsby Party w/ The Gamblers
      7:30 pm Swing Beginner Class
      8 – 11:30 pm:  Band
      9:15 pm Contest

    Regional Events:

    • Tobacco Road Blues Exchange  Aug 7 – 9.  Raleigh/Durham, NC
      We’re gearing up for a great weekend — we’ll have lots of dancing, including to Seth Walker on Saturday night! We’ll also do some swimming, grilling, touring, and all around good hangin.’ Sound good? Registration goes up soon at http://www.rdublues.com/!
    • Cincinnati Lindy Exchange (CincyLX)  Aug 14 – 16.  Cincinnati, OH
      Stroll down the red carpet as we present you the FINAL CINCINNATI LINDY EXCHANGE. “Battle of the Bands” on Saturday night, 2-3 new venues, more amazing DJ’s and as many bands over the whole weekend that we can get in.  
    • Sweet Georgia Blues (Blues)  Aug 14 – 16.  Atlanta, GA
      Weekend of blues dancing and classes with international teachers and live blues music.
      Instructors:  Virginie Jensen & Andrew Twiss, Dan Repsch & Jenny Snowden, Cheryl & Devan Powe
    • Summertime (Blues)  Aug 21 – 23.  Columbia, SC
      There will be Dancing, Fantastic Instructors, Insightful Classes, awesome DJs; and of course a late night Lindy room!  You don’t want to miss this event. So tell your friends and make plans to be in Columbia for Summertime!
    • International Lindy Hop Championships (workshops, competitions)  Aug 27 – 30.  Washington, DC
      4 day long event where competitors from all across the globe come to thrown down and dance to some of the best live music in the country.  Classes from these fantastic dancers, watch history being made in competitions, compete, and dance all weekend.
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  • July 2015

    kemper&AliceannProgressive Lesson:  Musicality Taught by Kemper, Aliceann, Jeremy & Jenna This month’s progressive series is going to be all about dancing to the music!  Come explore the phrasing, form and types of the songs we dance to.  If you’re curious about what makes swing music different from other styles/genres, wanting to learn how to ‘hit the breaks’ of your favorite songs, hoping to learn some cool new moves to incorporate into your dancing, interested in becoming more connected to the music when you dance, or looking to get a better understanding of swing music and dancing on a large or small scale, this series is for you!
    Prerequisites:  You are comfortable dancing to swing music for a whole song.


    Drop in and DJ schedule:

    • July 1 – Music by Amy & Nick
      7:00 – 7:30 pm  Intermediate Drop In – Lindy Hop w/ Chuck & Irena
      7:30 – 8:15 pm  Beginner Drop In – 6 Count Lindy w/ Chuck & Irena
    • July 8 – Music by Bill & Nick
      7:00 – 7:30 pm  Intermediate Drop In – Lindy Hop w/ Geoffrey & Rachel
      7:30 – 8:15 pm  Beginner Drop In – 8 Count Lindy w/ Mark & Kamaryn
    • July 15 – Music by Amy & Jeremy
      7:00 – 7:30 pm  Intermediate Drop In – Charleston w/ D & Irena
      7:30 – 8:15 pm  Beginner Drop In – 8 Count Lindy w/ Keith & Rachel
    • July 22 – Music by Bill & D
      7:00 – 7:30 pm  Intermediate Lesson – w/ Nick & Irena
      7:30 – 8:15 pm  Beginner Drop In – 6 Count Lindy w/ Nick & Kamaryn
    • July 29 – Music by Aliceann & Kemper
      7:00 – 7:30 pm Intermediate Lesson – w/ D & Irena
      7:30 – 8:15 pm  Beginner Drop In – 6 Count Lindy w/ Chuck & Irena

    Monthly Dance

    • The July monthly dance is going to feature a special out of town band coming all the way from Nashville! The Vinyl Hamptons will be swinging it for us all night long!
    • Before the dance Will Brown will be traveling up from South Carolina to teach Charleston with Kamaryn Wilson! Come learn some cool new moves to put into your dancing!
    • 5-7 Charleston workshop ($18, $15 with KSDA benefit card)
      7:15 Beginner Lesson (free with dance!)
      8-11 Live music by the Vinyl Hamptons ($10, 7 with KSDA benefit card)
      Combo pass: Get into both the workshop and dance for only $25 ($20 with KSDA benefit card)!
    • There will be an unofficial after party following the dance. Address will be announced at the dance.
    • Online payment options will be posted soon!

    Local dance and live music events:

    Regional Events:

    • The Process  Jul 17 – 19.  Richmond, VA “What is the process guiding Lindy Hoppers to rapid improvement?”  4 social dance tracks, plus tracks for performers and teachers.  What makes The Process unique among Lindy Hop events is that it does not focus on content, but rather on the process of learning, teaching, practicing, and performing.  Instructors:  Mike Faltesek & Casey Schneider, Kate Hedin & Bobby White, Dan Newsom & Lainey Silver, Michael Gamble & Jaya Dorf, David & Chelsea Lee, Adam Speen & Abigail Browning,
    • Bal-Ast Off (Balboa)  Jul 31 – Aug 2.  Huntsville, AL This year we have THREE full tracks of Balboa classes planned for you, taught by some of the best instructors in the world!  Registration will open in May of 2015.  Instructors:   David Rehm & Kate Hedin, Bobby White & Shani Brown, Corey Manke & Susan Manke


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  • June 2015

    *** Starting June 3rd, we will be changing the class schedule slightly.  The intermediate class will still start at 7 but will only last until 7:30.  For this reason dancers who have not had beginner classes yet will be asked to wait for the beginner class to join and the intermediate drop in will not go over any basics so it can focus on teaching new topics.  The beginner drop in will start at 7:30 and last until the social dance begins at 8:15.  We hope this will better serve our students, and encourage any feedback or suggestions anyone may have.  ***

    May 29th-31st:  School of Hard Knox (2 days of workshops and 3 nights of dancing!)


    2015-03-07 22.09.53Progressive Lesson:  Solo Dancing & Solo Dancing with a Partner
    Taught by Irena, Nick, Aliceann & Kemper 

    The first 2 weeks of this series will focus on expanding your vocabulary as a solo dancer and getting you comfortable with moving by yourself.
    The last 2 weeks will cover how to take your solo vocabulary and put it into your partner dancing and how to interact in a partnership while solo dancing.


    Drop in and DJ schedule:

    • June 3 – Music by Jeremy
      7:00 – 7:30 pm  Intermediate Drop In – Lindy Hop w/ Keith & Rachel
      7:30 – 8:15 pm  Beginner Drop In – 6 Count Lindy w/ Kemper & Aliceann
    • June 10 – Music by Jeremy & Aliceann
      7:00 – 7:30 pm  Intermediate Drop In – Lindy Hop w/ Kemper & Ava
      7:30 – 8:15 pm  Beginner Drop In – 8 Count Lindy w/ Keith & Kamaryn
    • June 17 – Music by Irena & Nick
      7:00 – 7:30 pm  Intermediate Drop In – Charleston w/ Geoffrey & Jenna
      7:30 – 8:15 pm  Beginner Drop In – 8 Count Lindy w/ Jeremy & Jenna
    • June 24 – Music by Bill & Keith
      7:00 – 7:30 pm  Intermediate Lesson – w/ D & Irena
      7:30 – 8:15 pm  Beginner Drop In – 6 Count Lindy w/ Kemper & Kamaryn


    Local dance and live music events:

    • School of Hard Knox  May 29 – 31.  Knoxville, TN A weekend of classes and dances right here in Knoxville!  Learn from some of the best dancers in the world to build confidence in your dance ability, fine tune your technique and learn some super awesome new moves
    • June 1 Ensemble Swing Time @ Maryville College
    • June 5 @ 10 pm – 1 am  Devan Jones & The Uptown Stomp playing at Jig & Reel for First Friday
    • June 8 Ensemble Swing Time @ Maryville College
    • June 27 @ 11 am K-Town Swing Bootcamp.  Focus on getting on the floor as quickly as possible and learn some fun dance moves.  @ Remedy.
    • June 29 @ 8 pm Ensemble Swing Time @ Maryville College
    • Thursdays in June:  K-Town Swing is offering monthly intermediate lessons in Lindy Hop at 7:05 and Balboa at 8:15.  Check out KtownSwing for schedules, class descriptions, pricing, and registration information.

    Regional Events:

    • School of Hard Knox  May 29 – 31.  Knoxville, TN A weekend of classes and dances right here in Knoxville!  Learn from some of the best dancers in the world to build confidence in your dance ability, fine tune your technique and learn some super awesome new moves! Instructors:  Jeremy Otth & Laura Keat, Jon Tigert & Jenna Applegarth, Dan Newsome & Lainey Silver, Mike Falty Faltesek
    • All Balboa Weekend (Balboa)  June 12 -14.  Cleveland, OH
      A huge event focusing solely on Balboa for a weekend of classes with international instructors, dances to live music and competitions (serious and otherwise).
    • Southern Swing Challenge (Competition)  June 19 – 21.  Nashville, TN
      A community based contest event, promoting the competitive spirit of swing dancing in the South East.  Jack & Jill and strictly competitions in a variety of swing dances.  Free to attend and inexpensive competitions.
    • Greenville Lindy Exchange (GVLX)  June 26 – 28.  Greenville, SC
      Exchange with live music and fun picnic games.


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