Come dance with us every week at the Laurel Theater!

Wednesday Evenings

Social Dancing is from 8:15 to 10:30 pm.

We have open social dancing to our awesome local swing DJs every Wednesday night in Fort Sanders.  Dance admission includes our drop in lessons offered at 7 and 7:30 pm.

Dances are started off at 8:15 with a snowball.  This means the teachers start off the night dancing until the DJ calls snowball.  Every time snowball is called, the dancers will break apart and ask people to dance who have not yet begun dancing, until the whole room is eventually on the floor.  Announcements for local dance and community events takes places at 9:15, followed by a birthday jam.  If it’s your birthday this week, we’d love to celebrate you by having everyone dance with you for a short amount of time throughout a song played just for you!

When everyone is invited to go out for a late night dinner after dance is over.  We always go somewhere that is friendly to dancers under 21.

Extra parking for the Laurel is available on the street or in the lot adjacent to the Laurel down the hill.  If you have to park a distance away and do not feel comfortable walking back to your car when you leave the dance, a KSDA organizer would be happy to escort you.


Around Knoxville

We’ll keep you updated about other dances or live swing music going on around town on our home page, Facebook group, and Google Calendar.


Around the Region

There are several dance communities within a few hours of Knoxville with weekly dances.  There are also many large events within driving distance than dancers from Knoxville will typically carpool to (almost one every weekend).  See the list here.