June 2017

June Progressive Series: Charleston

Taught by Jeremy & Aliceann

18056465_10154560321852005_1481499796018059933_oCharleston was a dance that came out of Charleston, SC in the early 1920’s (https://youtu.be/LcnpZfsfwDA?t=81) and eventually evolved into Lindy Hop in the ballrooms of Harlem, New York after the birth of swing later in the decade. (https://youtu.be/LcnpZfsfwDA?t=110)

As Lindy Hop was born from Charleston, Charleston evolved with it as well into “Swing Charleston”, which involved larger kicks and traveling. (https://youtu.be/xfav2ocUpMs?t=81).

Follow the event for updates.

Being comfortable with basic swing movement is the only requirement for this series.  This is a progressive series.

Series classes meet every Wednesday downstairs at the Laurel Theater from 7-8:15 pm. Classes are $5 a night and include admission to the dance. Cardholders and local students may purchase 4 weeks at once for only $15 (1 week free).

Next month’s series will be Basics Variations with Scott and Aliceann!

Drop in and DJ schedule:

  • June 7 – Bill & Keith
    7:00 – 7:30 pm Intermediate Drop In w/ Thomas & Rebecca
    7:30 – 8:15 pm  Beginner Drop In – 8 Count Lindy Hop/Swing w/ Thomas & Rebecca
  • June 14 – Nick & D
    7:00 – 7:30 pm Intermediate Drop In w/ Kemper & Kamaryn
    7:30 – 8:15 pm  Beginner Drop In – 8 Count Lindy Hop/Swing w/ Kemper & Kamaryn
  • June 21 – Bill & Aliceann
    7:00 – 7:30 pm Intermediate Drop In w/ Kemper & Roman
    7:30 – 8:15 pm  Beginner Drop In – 6 Count Lindy Hop/Swing w/ Kemper & Roman
  • June 28 – Kemper & Nick
    7:00 – 7:30 pm  Intermediate Drop In w/ Geoffrey & Rose
    7:30 – 8:15 pm  Beginner Drop In – 6 Count Lindy Hop/Swing w/ Geoffrey & Rose

Dancing/Live Music around Knoxville:


Interested in giving back to the swing dancing community by volunteering your time?  Send us an emailgive us a call (865-224-6830), or look for Rebecca or Aliceann at a weekly dance!
We need help in the following places:
  • Door Entry Workers
  • Dance Setup and Teardown Volunteers
  • Newsletter Correspondents
  • Social Media Contributors
  • Equipment Managers
  • Social Event Coordinators


Regional Events:

  • The Atlanta Lindy Exchange  June 2-4  Atlanta, GA
    Weekend of only social dancing in Atlanta, GA.
  • Live Love Lindy  June 3 – 5, 2016  Winstem-Salem, NC
    We are going to celebrate life through loving Lindy Hop!
  • All Balboa Weekend (Balboa)  June 8 – 11  Cleveland, OH
    A huge event focusing solely on Balboa for a weekend of classes with international instructors, dances to live music.
  • Chicago Underground Blues Exchange  June 10 – 12, 2016  Chicago, IL
    All the blues music!
  • Southern Swing Challenge  June 16 – 18  Nashville, TN
    A phenomenal lineup of judges, musicians, and djs, plus great venues, food, friends, honky tonks and more!  Daytime social dancing will still continue to be FREE so invite your loved ones or enemies to come watch you bust a groove or show off your mad skills in the comps!
  • Blue Ridge Bal (Balboa)  June 30 – July 2  Asheville, NC
    Join us in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains for Blue Ridge Bal, Asheville’s premiere Balboa event! Between the thriving downtown, the incredible food scene, and live music provided by Michael Gamble and his Rhythm Serenaders, this event will keep you shuffling all night long.