October 2017

September Level 1 Series: 8 Count Classic Lindy Hop Moves

Taught by Scott & Rose


Level 1 classes build off the few basics you’ve learned in the Level 0 drop ins to help you build dances on the social floor. All dancers who have attended more than two Level 0 drop in classes are strongly encouraged to attend this progressive Level 1 Swing series.

Throughout October Scott and Rose will be breaking down some of the most popular and historic 8 count moves of Lindy Hop, building off the basics of the dance to create fun and exciting movements.  These are definitely moves that every swing dancer needs to know!

Follow the event for updates.

Series classes meet every Wednesday downstairs at the Laurel Theater from 7-8:15 pm. Classes are $5 a night and include admission to the dance. Cardholders and local students may purchase 4 weeks at once for only $15 (1 week free).


Drop in and DJ schedule:

  • Oct 4 – Music with DJs
    7:00 – 7:30 pm Level 2 Drop In w/ Kemper & Aliceann
    7:30 – 8:15 pm  Level 0 Drop In – 8 Count Lindy Hop/Swing w/ Kemper & Aliceann
  • Oct 11 – Music with DJs
    *** No Drop In Lessons This Week.  Level 1 will still begin at 7:45 pm downstairs, and dancing beginning at 8:30. ***
  • Oct 18 – Music with DJs
    7:00 – 7:30 pm Level 2 Drop In w/ D & Rebecca
    7:30 – 8:15 pm Level 0 Drop In – 6 Count Lindy Hop/Swing w/ D & Rebecca
  • Oct 25 – Music with DJs
    7:00 – 7:30 pm Level 2 Drop In w/ Thomas & Aliceann
    7:30 – 8:15 pm Level 0 Drop In – 6 Count Lindy Hop/Swing w/ Thomas & Aliceann

Been attending our level 0 drop ins?  Join us this month for Level 1 Swing, 8 Count Classic Lindy Hop Moves!


Interested in giving back to the swing dancing community by volunteering your time?

Send us an emailgive us a call (865-224-6830), or look for Rebecca or Aliceann at a weekly dance!
We need help in the following places:

  • Door Entry Workers (we have a strong need every week in this area)
  • Dance Setup and Teardown Volunteers
  • Newsletter Correspondents
  • Social Media Contributors
  • Equipment Managers
  • Social Event Coordinators
  • Weekly Announcement Makers
  • Swing DJs


Regional Events:

  • Backwater Blues  Oct 6 – 8  Huntsville, AL
    Huntsville’s Ballroomin’ Blues event.  Instructors:  Mike & – Dan Legenthal (Boston – former Knoxville!), Campbell Miller (Austin), Shawn Hershey (NY), Laney Barhaugh (NY), Kenneth Shipp (Nashville)
  • Rocktober  Oct 13 – 15  Columbus, OH
    Delve deep into the world of leading and following through 6-8 concentrated hours of instruction with one set of teachers. Focused attention designed to help master movement, concepts and ideas.  Instructors:  Laura Keat (Denver) & Jeremy Otth (Santa Barbara), Jenny Shirar & Christian Frommelt (St Louis), and Adrienne Weidert & Rafal Pustelny (NY)
  • Cool Cat Corner  Oct 13 – 15  Charlotte, NC
    Unforgettable weekend of live music, dancing, workshops, and competitions and legendary New York pianist Gordon Webster, who hasn’t played in the Southeast for over 5 years!  Instructors:  Laura Glaess and Brooks Prumo (Austin, TX), Kemper and Aliceann Talley (Knoxville, TN), Nathan and Sally Clinebelle (Columbia, SC).
  • Jammin’ On The James  Oct  20 – 22  Richmond, VA
    The Mint Julep Jazz Band for both the Friday AND Saturday night dances! And Gypsy Roots will be back to provide the tunes for the Sunday dance!  Instructors:  Skye Humphries (NY), Sylvia Sykes (Pasadena), Nick Williams (LA), Naomi Uyama (Minneapolis)
  • Atlanta Varsity Showdown (AVS)  Oct 27 – 29  Atlanta, GA
    Swing dance workshop and competition weekend focusing on Lindy Hop and featuring swing era dances such as Balboa and Charleston to create a well-rounded dancer who can freely express themselves through movement and musicality and to foster a strong sense of community.  Instructors:  Annabel Quisao (DC), Bobby White (NY), David Lee (NY), Jenna Applegarth (St Louis), Jon Tigert (Baltimore), LaTasha Barnes (NY)