The KSDA has a variety of teachers eager to share their dancing knowledge! Some of them are available for private lessons. Also please give any feedback you have about the classes we offer.




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12045444_912361162133264_815618951286142716_oAliceann started dancing in 2001, studied a wide range of dance styles, and co-founded her high school’s first ballroom dance club before studying Carolina Shag intensively in college. In 2012, Aliceann began focusing almost entirely on vintage jazz/swing dance, traveling around the country to learn more about the music and dance of the 1920s to 50s from instructors from around the world, focusing on Lindy Hop, Balboa, Blues, Solo Jazz, Shag and several other early vernacular dances. Aliceann is as passionate about her students as she is about her dancing, and is constantly working on new ways to help them learn. She combines her swing dance experience with her 5 years of martial arts training and knowledge of over a dozen dance styles to make her classes accessible and fun for all kinds of bodies and dancers. In addition to teaching and social dancing, Aliceann expresses her love of swing through DJing, playing music, hosting practice sessions for her students and peers, organizing events, and running/choreographing for a Lindy Hop team (Knoxville Rhythm Steppers) and Chorus Girl Troupe (Scruffy City Sassafrases).


KamarynKamaryn (inactive) started learning Lindy hop and Charleston in March 2012, and hasn’t stopped swinging out since. She started at the University of Tennessee right before joining the KSDA. Along with dancing all the time in Knoxville, she dances regularly in Nashville, Cookeville, Asheville, and Huntsville. She also travels all over the Southeast going to dance events and workshops learning from many international instructors. She has been teaching since the beginning of 2013, and likes to teach Lindy hop, blues, and Charleston for KSDA and progressive lessons. Teaching solid basic technique from the beginning is where she likes to focus along with teaching people how to relax and have fun.




Rebecca started dancing as a student at the University of Tennessee and quickly became one of our best dance ‘regulars.’ A lover of swing dancing and large carnivores, she’s always excited to learn something new about our dance and wants to share her knowledge with you! So jump in her carpool and go dance with her across the country! Or you could just ask her to dance on Wednesday.





Roman has been dancing Lindy since he stumbled across a swing dance flyer in the UTK bike shop in January of 2014. He loves both the dance and the community he has found in doing so, and enjoys few things more than trying to share that joy with others.






Rose began her dance career fluttering around practicing to be a fairy. She has since directed some of her creative energy and spirit into becoming a swing dancer in addition to being a world renowned flutterer and potter. She would like to help you add Lindy Hop as one of the ways to express your own artistic creativity.






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d2Demetrik a.k.a. “D.” (inactive) has done many different dances in his days but had no intentions of falling in love with any as much as he did with lindy hop, blues, and balboa. D daydreamed of these dances long before he ever experienced them. Months after learning to dance at the Laurel Theater in Knoxville, Tn, D. decided he could no longer hide it from his grandparents. He was surprised to discover his grandfather danced shag and jitterbug in clubs from Knox to Memphis every weekend. D’s love for lindy and blues continuously grows with a passion that inspires others to experience the joy and unity the dance community can bring to everyone.



unnamedCarl finds the best way to learn about another person is through a three minute dance. Confusing Lindy Hop for some sort of mating ritual, Carl joined the Lindy Hop folds sometime in 2015. Shortly after, you could find this endangered species most Wednesday nights flopping about on the fast wooden floors of the Laurel Theatre. Ever since the fateful day The Accident happened, Carl became deeply introspective and fled across the US to contemplate the dance’s effect on the universe.  He’s been visiting swing scenes across the US, exiled from his own home, in search of deeper meaning to understand and enjoy the different approaches to the dance. After his pilgrimage (and when everybody forgot about the Accident), he has focused his life on acquiring and discovering only the cheesiest of moves to decipher the true meaning of Lindy Hop. Come to the Laurel and steal dances with him to help unravel the mysteries of dance!


GeoffreyGeoffrey has been dancing for forever and ever and the amount of knowledge and history he has about every dance move ever is frankly a little scary. You can always find him smiling on the dance floor! See Geoffrey. See Gillie. See Geoffrey and Gillie dance. Dance Geoffrey. Dance Gillie. Dance, dance! How fun! Will you dance with Geoffrey?





Jeremy Dancing

Jeremy started dancing in 2006. He was mentored by dinosaurs of the swing revival and he progressed extremely quickly for a year and a half. His dancing promptly stagnated when he began consorting with follows off of the dance floor. In his glory days, he choreographed numerous group dance routines, placed 2nd in the 2007 Lindy Focus amateur competition, was voted the 2007 Sugar Foot Stomp “Up and Comer”, led a team to the 2007 Harvest Moon Melee and was voted 1st place for 3 consecutive years in the Hallowswing Costume Contest. Despite the best efforts of people around him, he still enjoys dancing and he will teach you to dance if you let him. Jeremy currently leads local Knoxville bands, The Old City Buskers, The Laurel Theater Rhythm Section, and The Scruffy City Syncopators.


kemperKemper has a thirst for dancing that would not be satisfied by an infinite potential well. (Physics humor. Get it?) Kemper has been dancing for just over two years and teaching for a little over a year. His main focus is in Balboa, Lindy Hop, and Authentic Jazz while dabbling in Blues, St. Louis Shag, and Tap. Kemper loves dancing with beginners because he believes that the main purpose of dancing is to have fun even though he loves to focus his teaching on expression and technique. Kemper also loves the competitive aspect of dance having made finals and placing in several regional competitions (and once internationally). Having traveled the world to learn from all of the best, Kemper seeks to bring the top international instructors’ lessons to the local and regional scenes. Accused of being the biggest name dropper in all of Knoxville, Kemper really just wants you to know who you should be giving credit to for all of the moves, techniques, histories, and philosophies that he talks about all the time. He is available for private lessons by appointment.



Roman has been dancing Lindy since he stumbled across a swing dance flyer in the UTK bike shop in January of 2014. He loves both the dance and the community he has found in doing so, and enjoys few things more than trying to share that joy with others.





scottScott started dancing in 1998 in Austin, TX. He loves teaching dance! In fact, he’s been teaching since soon after he started – including at a swing club at UT Austin, a number of local studios, and then running a successful dance company for almost 10 years. Additionally, he has taught around the country at various workshops and teacher training events. Through the years he has been fortunate to have worked with many amazing dance partners, including 4 international instructors and some of the top-tier dancers in our community at large. And since moving to Knoxville he is excited to help build our community!
Scott is also an accomplished dancer – he has competed in and won numerous swing / lindy hop / balboa competitions and was a member of the renowned team Lindy Hoppers Dozen. And while his first love is lindy hop, he has also trained extensively in west coast swing, did ballroom training for a couple of years, and has a passion for Carolina shag.


Thomas (inactive)was a recurring beginner since 2003 until he got sucked into the dance community in 2013, when he started to become a strong member of the group and got involved with the KSDA board.