Vision Casting Meeting Notes

Below are our notes and ideas from the community vision casting meeting on Tues Dec 5.  Notes are really a rough outline of ideas that were brought up during the meeting.  Please use the comment feature below if you’d like to continue the conversation or throw out additional ideas.



A. What is our purpose/values?

In a perfect we’re all swing dancing all the time what is the best swing dancer?

B. What is our context/constraints?

What are our limitations to meeting our values?

C. What are our goals/values?

Like the first question but in real life.

D. What are our methods/philosophies?

How are we going to meet our goals?

E. What does this look like?

What specific things do we want to see done?


In this meeting we focused on questions A – C


A.1 What is the purpose of the KSDA?

  • From the bylaws:  KSDA is organized exclusively for charitable, educational, and artistic purposes. KSDA shall engage in any and all types of activities not prohibited by these bylaws, or by law, including:
    • Section 1: To promote swing dance and performance art in Knox County and the surrounding areas under the auspices of the KSDA in the form of educational programs, performances, and social events.
    • Section 2: To promote and present newly commissioned and repertory swing dance productions.  performance
    • Section 3: To attract, inspire, and entertain Knox County and regional residents and visitors during the yearly season of the KSDA.
    • Section 4: To present special educational programs for Knox County and surrounding counties, encouraging creativity and an open mind to the performing arts through an educational format.
    • Section 5: To promote Knoxville’s national and international profile in the arts.
    • Section 6: To join with other organizations in other areas in cooperative action or programs that are likely to advance the purposes of the KSDA.
    • Section 7: To provide local and regional choreographers, dancers, and performance artists an opportunity to share their work in conjunction with the artistic staff. Provide a platform
  • Providing a place to find joy despite situations
  • Provide a place to learn more about dance/music/history
  • Providing and promoting swing music for our swing dancing
  • Provide a welcoming community.  


A.2 What do we value?2017-12-05 21.01.36

  • Creating a community that is non-judgmental
  • Honoring the history, tradition and culture of the dance
  • Diversity
  • Having fun
  • Betterment:  Community, Dancing, Etc.
  • Respect
  • Integrity and honesty
  • Empowerment
  • Being a community.
  • Community
  • Artistry
  • Self expression
  • Physical health
  • Wellness/health

2017-12-05 21.01.26

Move to reality.  We can’t put into energy into every individual thing we want.  We need to understand the context of what we want to do.

B.1 Context?

  • Revolving door of students
  • Intimidation (barrier to entry)
  • Varying motivations/constraints – very invested in dancing vs community or somewhere in between
  • People are interested in a lot of different things
  • People have varying responsibilities
  • Visibility – new people knowing we exist
  • State non-profit


B.2 Constraints?

  • Budget of our dancers2017-12-05 21.01.26
  • Budget of the organization
  • Time of dancers
  • Time of organizers/keeping things running
  • Turnover of dancers who graduation/get married/have kids/work change/move/etc
  • Venues/parking
  • Physical limitations exist
  • Wednesday nights
  • Social exhaustion:  circumstantial and personal
  • Unfamiliarity with the music/assumption of what swing dancing is


C What are our values and goals in regard to our constraints?

  • Inviting people to join the community
  • Establishing pathway to becoming a better dancer
  • Appealing to all levels of dancer
  • Create an environment where all types of dancers can have fun2017-12-05 21.01.16
  • Providing encouragement at all levels
  • Appreciating all types/levels of dancers/community members
  • Being a place for dancing
  • Sharing the joy of a dance
  • Promote a community that is responsible and considerate for yourself and the people around you
  • Growing and maintaining members
  • Having a safe environment
  • Promoting safe and healthy behavior (stretching?)
  • Educate about:  dance, history, music, etc
  • Having well attended classes
  • Making good use of our resources
  • Serving a broad spectrum of individuals
  • Balancing goals in a positive way for what our community looks like
  • Have good swing music
  • Promote swing music awareness outside of dancing
  • Visibility/accessibility of resources
  • Effective public communication
  • Have a sense of community among dancers
  • Stay connected with other communities in the region
  • Encourage traveling and promote opportunities
  • Interscene collaboration
  • Outreach – local and regional community
  • Having a dance community that is reflective of Knoxville’s diversity
  • Give opportunities for and promoting performance
  • Finding opportunities for performance
  • Incubator:  Facilitating opportunities


Please carry on this discussion below!



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  1. After the request from several community members who sadly couldn’t join us for the meeting, we’ll also be keeping up with your conversation here so that your voice can also be heard!

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